Single Bed for Three: a "Lawrence of Arabia" notebook

Single Bed for Three: a "Lawrence of Arabia" notebook - Howard Kent This delightful, anecdotal memoir includes stories involving Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, David Lean, producer Sam Spiegel, and a number of the lesser-known 'characters' involved in major undertakings like catering and transportation. Kent also has some good stories about King Hussein and the movie unit's secretary, whom the King married. It demonstrates considerable understanding of the political realities of the day in the Middle East, without getting bogged down in extended analysis.

I'm not sure I'd wish this book any longer - while it is slight enough, we get the impression we've heard all the really good stories, filtered through the observant eyes of a one-time newsman, and written with panache and good humour. Definitely recommended for any fan of "Lawrence of Arabia".