Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story

Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story - Robyn Doolittle Hmm, should I also add this to my "true crime" shelf?

I read this in an e-version of the somewhat updated edition of September 2014. Normally, I wouldn't be so specific about a recent work, but in this case, events just kept tumbling on, so it's worth noting that this book ends shy of the Toronto mayoral election, and before Ford's cancer diagnosis (which latter may have had the effect of toning down a little of the harshest scoffing at this unfortunate and entirely nasty man).

As I read through Doolittle's methodical account of all Ford's various gaffes and scandals, I was shocked to realize how numerous they were, and how many of them I had simply forgotten, as they were eclipsed by newer stains upon the city's reputation. I was grateful for this nudge to memory; I was also pleased to have the family background (and truly, what a delightful bunch they are!); and I am always interested to have some insight into the workings of a major media outlet, especially when struggling with an ethical question. I was actually surprised that they weren't working to more cut-and-dried rules, although I think The Star made the right decisions.

Compared to other reviewers, I may seem stingy with my stars here - my criterion for four stars is that I might want to read the book again; I almost certainly won't re-read this one, but I'm pleased to have read it once.