The Glass Cat (Amazon free sampler)

The Glass Cat: A Detective Kevin Fowler Mystery - Janis Lane

An Amazon free sampler, and a short story, not a novel, so hardly worth the review, but since there's a database entry in Goodreads/Booklikes for it, why not? I wasn't impressed enough to consider following up with any longer work by Lane. The writing was competent but mediocre: rather monotonous sentence structure, and a few diction problems here and there (drop *clothes*? really? sounds like an error introduced by a spell-check). Publisher, an online indie, appears to specialize in romance, and that's the selling point of this teaser too. I could have lived without the detective's colleague Jill who, "filling out her uniform amazingly, rounded the corner, her long blond [sic] hair hanging down her back in a French braid, her leather boots making a jangling noise as she approached." I'm not the buyer this is selling to. The mystery itself is remarkably 19th-century in feel: here's an inexplicable occurrence - porcelain cats that apparently come alive for some people - isn't that spooky? End of story.  The only other observation I have is that the story appears to have been written well before its 2014 publication date, as early plot points rely on everybody having only landline phones.