Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Rowling)

Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone - J.K. Rowling

Having never read any of the Harry Potter novels, nor seen any of the films all the way through, I decided it was time to put my relationship with Harry, Hermione & Ron, Snape, Draco & Dumbledore - because, of course, I knew already who they are - on a firmer footing. So I have acquired the seven novels for my Kindle.


I enjoyed this, the first one, quite a bit. It's nice to have the clear language and clear plotting of a good children's book. As a grumpy old adult, I couldn't help remarking to myself that Dumbledore and his teaching staff needed to be locked up for child endangerment! (That trip into the Forbidden Woods was particularly egregious). However, this is children's literature, and in that genre, children generally have a great deal more agency than in real life, otherwise there would be no adventures.


So, one minor villain despatched in a suitably creepy place (though his fate is very much underplayed), other probable future foes established (dragons?), the Big Bad set up (Voldemort), and lots of cheerful rituals, terminology and out-of-world conventions introduced - yes, I believe I have successfully entered the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Onward!