The Twisted Root

The Twisted Root - Anne Perry I'm picking up some of the stories I missed in the middle of the William and Hester Monk series (don't know why I prefer those so much to the same author's Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novels, but that's how it is. Hester and Monk are gnarlier characters, perhaps, even now that they are married).

This one has a plot that hinges on rape and potential incest, and the coincidence by which William and Hester each get their separate entree into the matter is even more tenuous than usual. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the unravelling, involving as it does the somewhat sympathetic depiction of theft of painkillers from hospital for homebound invalids, the not-at-all-sympathetic depiction of corruption in the medical ranks (including the sale of bodies), and Rathbone the disappointed lover saving the day in court (I'm fond of Rathbone).

Enjoyed it.