My Man Jeeves

My Man Jeeves - P.G. Wodehouse I downloaded a number of P.G. Wodehouse items free for kindle, and this, the first I've read, is also a very early item chronologically from the looks of it. (The absence of real upfront bibliographical information in some of these scans continues to bother me). Anyway, I acquired this for chuckles at the end of long workdays, and that's what I got. Although Wodehouse's silly characters and silly turns of phrase don't sustain me in quite so high a state of glee as they did when I was a youngster, they're still charming and occasionally snort-producing. I preferred the stories (about half of the collection) which actually feature Bertie and Jeeves - the latter makes a centre of intelligence and ingenuity around which the folly can circle. It's an ingredient lacking in the other stories. I look forward to dipping back in to this collection of mood-lighteners in the coming days.